Trisiloxane surfactant

Trisiloxane surfactants usually refer to the MD 'M and MDM' types of silicone surfactants, which can be prepared by the silylation reaction of MD 'M with an end-allyl polyether of a certain length of the chain segment. Trisiloxane surfactants have excellent surface interface activity, wetting spread and permeability, and non-toxic side effects, so they are widely used in agricultural chemicals, paints and coatings, medicine, daily chemical, textile and other industries.


Typical applications are:


1. As a pesticide additive, it can effectively promote the expansion and penetration of pesticides such as pesticides on the surface of plants, improve the effective utilization rate of pesticides, and greatly reduce the amount of pesticides.


2. As a coating additive such as wetting agent, leveling agent and defoamer, suitable for solvent-based, water-based coatings and UV-curable coating systems.